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My love of fashion is hereditary. When I was little my mother used to drag me to her favorite stores almost weekly. I absolutely HATED shopping and I swore it was a form of child abuse. Because I live some distance (5 hours) from home, when my mother and I see each other, there is usually a little retail therapy involved. Last weekend we checked out a few outlets about an hour away from me and I found some things I’d been seeking out for quite some time.

When I shop outlets, I search primarily for basics.  In the About section of this blog, I mention my love for a great deal.  Everything in this picture was at least 40% off of the original price–most things were even less expensive.  In case you’re wondering, I’ll list my purchases below.

(listed clockwise)

1. Green Polo purchased from JCrew; it was $5.99!

2.Grey Blazer from GAP; I purchased this in Navy as well.  Finding pieces like these are so difficult for me because I’m not small, but I’m not plus-sized and I’m only 5’1″–finding perfect fits is such a challenge.

3. Messenger Bag; I’ve got tons to do this semester, and I needed a bag that wouldn’t rest on my shoulder.  This one’s sturdy and feminine.

4. Wristlet; It’s light in color, and probably not practical for the upcoming seasons, but I wanted it.  Definitely my splurge.

5. Black Blazer from NY&Co; you can’t really see it because it’s laying flat but this blazer was $13.75!  Another great deal!

I think I might go in search of accessories this weekend.  It’ll be a present to myself if I accomplish the majority of my to-do list.

Have you found any great deals/steals lately?


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  1. S23

    I bought a electric blue fitted dress from online that arrived this week. It wasn’t really a “steal” but I can think of so many ways to accessorize it. I’m “hoping” it will be my IT girl dress of the fall.

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