Day One

This challenge was a little more difficult for me than I imagined it to be.  Choosing five accessories out of hundreds took some time.  Here are my picks:

[Gold Bangles, Earrings, A Ring Set, Teal Clutch and Hair Clips]

To give you an idea of what I had to choose from, I’m also including pictures of my jewelry stash; its been re-organized.  I even threw some things away.  Hopefully I can replenish tomorrow.

Earrings and Bracelets


Tomorrow I’ll probably do a bit of shopping, some homework and head out in the evening.  I’ll be sure to enlist a photog.  Let me know how it’s working out for you!



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3 responses to “Day One

  1. BABYC


    • So sorry I’m just responding to this! I bought some kind of tower from the kitchen section in TJ Maxx. My rings and stud earrings are in the top tier and bangles and single strand bracelets in the bottom 2. My chunky bracelets are in a bread basket (also purchased from TJ Maxx) and my necklaces hang on the wall by push pins.

  2. I have found that I wear more accessories when I have less. When I have too many too choose from I get overwhelmed and walk away. Ironically, I also use kitchen items to store my accessories. My earrings are on a trivet? and my rings, light necklaces, and studs, etc are in teacups.

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