NYFW Means Little To Me

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  Senior year got crazy all of a sudden!  I will make a point of sticking to my schedule from now on.

If you peruse fashion and style blogs you’re aware that this week is New York Fashion Week, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz.  I’m always amused by the hype that surrounds this bi-annual event, probably because I can’t seem to get excited, at all.

I love the fact that clothes and accessories give us an avenue for self-expression, but I’m just not that into fashion.  I try, I really do, but so much of what is sent to the runway is impractical for the average female consumer.

Being the analytical species that I am, I also wonder if the fact that I am a short, “plus sized”, Black woman has anything to do with my apathy toward the event.  There are very few Black models and designers, and though my style could never be classified as “urban”, I am hesitant to support an industry that does little to acknowledge my patronage, or even existence.

I’m a Political Science major and issues of race and exclusion are of extreme importance to me.  It may seem trivial to some, but the majority of my disposable income is given to the fashion industry and I feel disrespected regularly.  I wish I could develop the willpower to resist my urges to shop and personally boycott.  I doubt that’s happening.

How do you feel about Fashion Week?  Do you watch the shows and anticipate seeing the designs in your favorite stores?

Have I overlooked any designers who consider all buyers?  If you enjoy FW, which line did you LOVE?!


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  1. vajaah

    One of the young adults at my church, full figured and of African descent, is matriculating at a fashion school in NYC. She is playing a minor role in NYFW and the very notion of participation makes her giddy with aspiration. Her excitement has slightly peaked my interest. Personally, I cycle through a small set of jeans, sneakers and tees on a regular basis and the runway renditions will mean little. Yet for her sake, I hope that she is inspired to master her industry and be true to herself.

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