Brand Value

I know I haven’t blogged in ages, but I’m going to dry to blog everyday this month!

Yesterday I made a video to upload to YouTube and it refused to finish “processing”.  Alas, I am here to talk about a makeup issue.

Some people are extremely loyal to specific brands.  Lots of women are MAC and Makeup Forever (MUFE) obsessed.  I’ve never used MUFE, but I must admit to loving MAC products.  I think its the fact that someone in the store specifically works with me everytime I visit–it kinda makes you want to be a loyalist.

After taking inventory of my current products I gave away tons of shadows and lip color only to buy more.  Kinda defeats the purpose of purging, but anyway…

I spent a ridiculous amount of money on the MAC Venemous Villians collection.  Well, not THAT much, but considering the fact that I’m a college student and don’t make a great deal of money, I know it was a splurge.  Subsequently, I’ve punished myself by boycotting holiday collections.  The only things I really want are an orange cream blush, the Urban Decay NAKED palette and a few more brushes.  That’s not too bad for the next two months.

On to business…the reason I brought up bring brand loyal is because I’ve realized I can’t afford to use MAC products daily.  I believe that the only way I’ll get better at applying makeup is to practice, but I can’t practice using the good stuff!  This weekend I purchased some low end/drugstore brand products–a skin finish, brow pencil, lipsticks, etc. and I’m going to use those instead of my MAC.  I’m hoping that the results will be similar; I truly believe that good application can make any product look good.

What about you?  Are you brand loyal for every product or just the basics?  If so, what brand and what products?  Do you have any tips to help me make my expensive products last?


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  1. S23

    I’m a brand loyalist. I love MAC products. Honestly, I don’t wear makeup daily. But I have so many eye shadows that if I did wear them daily they still wouldn’t run out for a long time. I guess the key would be trying different colors rather than the same ole same ole. Even using the liquid foundation, I use a very small amount and just apply with the brush so it goes a long way.

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