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Brand Value

I know I haven’t blogged in ages, but I’m going to dry to blog everyday this month!

Yesterday I made a video to upload to YouTube and it refused to finish “processing”.  Alas, I am here to talk about a makeup issue.

Some people are extremely loyal to specific brands.  Lots of women are MAC and Makeup Forever (MUFE) obsessed.  I’ve never used MUFE, but I must admit to loving MAC products.  I think its the fact that someone in the store specifically works with me everytime I visit–it kinda makes you want to be a loyalist.

After taking inventory of my current products I gave away tons of shadows and lip color only to buy more.  Kinda defeats the purpose of purging, but anyway…

I spent a ridiculous amount of money on the MAC Venemous Villians collection.  Well, not THAT much, but considering the fact that I’m a college student and don’t make a great deal of money, I know it was a splurge.  Subsequently, I’ve punished myself by boycotting holiday collections.  The only things I really want are an orange cream blush, the Urban Decay NAKED palette and a few more brushes.  That’s not too bad for the next two months.

On to business…the reason I brought up bring brand loyal is because I’ve realized I can’t afford to use MAC products daily.  I believe that the only way I’ll get better at applying makeup is to practice, but I can’t practice using the good stuff!  This weekend I purchased some low end/drugstore brand products–a skin finish, brow pencil, lipsticks, etc. and I’m going to use those instead of my MAC.  I’m hoping that the results will be similar; I truly believe that good application can make any product look good.

What about you?  Are you brand loyal for every product or just the basics?  If so, what brand and what products?  Do you have any tips to help me make my expensive products last?


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Girl About Town

Wearing MAC's "Girl About Town"

I am a makeup amateur, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the fact that its application is an art form.  Yesterday I saw Brittany highlight “Girl About Town”, a MAC lip color, and I wondered if I could pull it off.

Per the suggestion of S23 I stopped by a MAC store during the day (when most are working) and was able to get tons of tips from a great MUA.  If you’re in the Charlotte area, stop by the MAC store at Southpark Mall, Amy’s the greatest!

I was super nervous about the brightness of this lip color, but Amy made it work!  We used “Nightmoth” lip liner (which I purchased) as a heavy base and a glittery pink gloss.  I usually wear neutrals, but I will definitely be recreating this look in the near future.

I think I’m a fan of focusing on one region of the face per look.  People who do it all make me nervous.  Additionally, Amy switched me from my mineralize foundation to a liquid and has me absolutely sold on a new brow pencil.

I have another appointment next Friday to try out the new MAC Venomous Villains collection, I’ll definitely be reporting back!

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Weather v. Season

When I was a young child (0-6), I lived in Detroit, MI-a city notorious for its brutal winters, among other things.  My mother, a Virginian, was adamant that my clothes correspond to the season no matter the temperature.  While it was cold, I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to don that full body snowsuit from November to March.  When we moved back to VA, her philosophy continued.

Now that I’m older, I can accept the necessity of this practice, in some cases.  I live in South Carolina and though its the 2nd day of fall, the expected high is something like 94 degrees.  How am I supposed to dress for that?!  I felt so bad for wearing a maxi dress yesterday; it’s the middle of September, those should already be packed up for next year!

This warm weather is frustrating.  I have blazers and boots that are begging to be worn!  I’m ready for Fall!  I’ve seen a few girls traipsing around campus in Uggs and suede this week–maybe they’re of the ‘dress for the season’ brood, too.  I just can’t bring myself to do it.  It makes no sense to be uncomfortably sweaty simply because of what the calendar says.

Do you dress for the season OR the weather?   Are Fall Fashions appropriate in your climate yet?

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NYFW Means Little To Me

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  Senior year got crazy all of a sudden!  I will make a point of sticking to my schedule from now on.

If you peruse fashion and style blogs you’re aware that this week is New York Fashion Week, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz.  I’m always amused by the hype that surrounds this bi-annual event, probably because I can’t seem to get excited, at all.

I love the fact that clothes and accessories give us an avenue for self-expression, but I’m just not that into fashion.  I try, I really do, but so much of what is sent to the runway is impractical for the average female consumer.

Being the analytical species that I am, I also wonder if the fact that I am a short, “plus sized”, Black woman has anything to do with my apathy toward the event.  There are very few Black models and designers, and though my style could never be classified as “urban”, I am hesitant to support an industry that does little to acknowledge my patronage, or even existence.

I’m a Political Science major and issues of race and exclusion are of extreme importance to me.  It may seem trivial to some, but the majority of my disposable income is given to the fashion industry and I feel disrespected regularly.  I wish I could develop the willpower to resist my urges to shop and personally boycott.  I doubt that’s happening.

How do you feel about Fashion Week?  Do you watch the shows and anticipate seeing the designs in your favorite stores?

Have I overlooked any designers who consider all buyers?  If you enjoy FW, which line did you LOVE?!

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Weekend Finds

A Little Too Much?

Excuse my toes!

I’ve been accessories minded lately and that’s led to a little more shopping than appropriate.  Everything in this picture was purchased today.   I’m not even interested in clothes as of late and I can’t wait to incorporate these pieces into everyday wear.

My attempt at a photo for today was a complete failure.  The self-timer function on my camera coupled with bad lighting resulted in repeated bad shots.  This weekend has, sadly, been more uneventful than unexpected and I think I’m glad because my accessory choices aren’t giving me LIFE.   I’ll be sure to get a picture tomorrow, though.

Based on the combined totals from last and this weekend’s shopping excursions, I’m considering a spending freeze until the end of the year.  It scares me to even think about it, but I know I have more than enough and don’t need to add until I utilize all the treasures in my closet.

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