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My love of fashion is hereditary. When I was little my mother used to drag me to her favorite stores almost weekly. I absolutely HATED shopping and I swore it was a form of child abuse. Because I live some distance (5 hours) from home, when my mother and I see each other, there is usually a little retail therapy involved. Last weekend we checked out a few outlets about an hour away from me and I found some things I’d been seeking out for quite some time.

When I shop outlets, I search primarily for basics.  In the About section of this blog, I mention my love for a great deal.  Everything in this picture was at least 40% off of the original price–most things were even less expensive.  In case you’re wondering, I’ll list my purchases below.

(listed clockwise)

1. Green Polo purchased from JCrew; it was $5.99!

2.Grey Blazer from GAP; I purchased this in Navy as well.  Finding pieces like these are so difficult for me because I’m not small, but I’m not plus-sized and I’m only 5’1″–finding perfect fits is such a challenge.

3. Messenger Bag; I’ve got tons to do this semester, and I needed a bag that wouldn’t rest on my shoulder.  This one’s sturdy and feminine.

4. Wristlet; It’s light in color, and probably not practical for the upcoming seasons, but I wanted it.  Definitely my splurge.

5. Black Blazer from NY&Co; you can’t really see it because it’s laying flat but this blazer was $13.75!  Another great deal!

I think I might go in search of accessories this weekend.  It’ll be a present to myself if I accomplish the majority of my to-do list.

Have you found any great deals/steals lately?


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And So It Begins…

Web analyzers always stress the importance of the first post. I’ve been thinking about what to write for quite some time, but the “perfect” words never came to me. Instead, I’m just going to write what I feel.

What is Stylentology? It’s exactly what it says–The Science of Style. And each and every one of us is a Stylentist. By day, I’m a student. I’m in my last semester of undergrad, so academic analogies are always the first things that come to mind. For me, style is quite scientific. The elements: mood, comfort level, daily plans, etc. determine what exactly we create. In essence, everyday we develop a different design.

Personally, my style is eclectic. One day you may find me in my favorite LBD and heels; the next in sweats and my favorite flip flops. My personal style cannot be labeled. The clothes in my closet are inspired by so many things it’s hard to narrow the scope.

In my mind, this blog will be a place to chronicle my personal style, share ideas and trends, as well as learn from you!

Join me in figuring out the Science of Style.

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